This reminds me when I had my lolgrimdark period and everyone on ponybooru assumed I was disturbed.

Also before that when I did a lot of non-con stuff and people thought I was scum.

That’s kinda why I stopped doing both too honestly. I’m not usually the kind of person that lets others tell them what they can do but sometimes I just don’t find it worth fighting for.

So today I realized I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Twitter complaining about terrible design in software/websites/videogames and I figured instead of having to split it into 140 chracters I could write blog posts about it instead.

My first post is up and it’s about Android icons. It should give you an idea of the kind of stuff I will post there - the general tone, the content etc.
I chose the subject of Android icons because it literally takes about 6 clicks to get a better result than what designers for multimillion dollar companies like Sega, Valve and Dropbox (up until last month) are currently doing.

I plan to keep the same style so that it’s not gonna be just angry rambling like it is on Twitter. I am going to be pissy and bitch about stuff of course but I’m also gonna take some time to explain what the issue is and how to correct it.
Unless it’s Samsung, then there’s just no hope

So yeah, if me ranting about software and hardware design is something that interests you go ahead and check my new blog out! If not, there’s gonna be more of the stuff you like later tonight.