YES! YES!!! FINALLY!!!! It took 3 months, but it is finally done! This is the update you’ve all been waiting for!!!

It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of the year, I had just over 100 followers, and now I have almost 10 times as many! Not 200, not 300, not 400, not 500, not 600, not 700, not 800, but over 900 followers now! I would have never expected this when I joined tumblr almost 2 years ago. I mean it very sincerely when I say that you guys are awesome and I appreciate all the support you’ve given me. ^^

Ponies featured are:

Top row: philisophicalpony, peppermint-pattie-replies, askneonglowstuff, askderpythespymod, saminat, stunnerpony, jerkyhooves, aneatoblog, areallyfrustratedpony, and outofworkderpy

Bottom row: askthelonelysoul, winterthecreepyponygirl, jazzytheman, brilliant-verve, ask-rainbowdeath408, balrogthetoaster-wafflebutt, haiku-oezu, bassbeatbrony, ponderpeppypepsicol and ask-celestia-stuff (who WAS following me D:)

Enjoy! Time to begin the journey to 2000!